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Information For Promoters
1. PLEASE clearly post dates, times, addresses/directions, ticket prices and age restrictions for shows on your flyers/posters/websites!

2. ALL artist contact information (including promotional/marketing)
is included in the riders that you'll receive when shows are booked,
but it is also available on the
"Contact" page of this website.
3. PLEASE include the following message in your promotional materials;

Media Enquiries/Information
1. E-MAIL US to schedule an interview.
2. OFFICIAL BIOGRAPHY (available in P's "Electronic Press Kit").

Q: Which Songs Are In P.C.T's Setlist?
A: The most uptempo ones (to appeal to as many people as possible).

Q: Can I Make Requests For The Song(s) To Be Performed At My Event?
A: This should be fine if you give at least one months advance notice.

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Hire P.C.T For Appearances?
A: This depends on schedule/even
t type/location/service(s) required. E-mail us
this information and we will promptly provide a reasonable, no-obligation quote.

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