[Danger Money] Priority Media Network
These are the MUSIC-focused sites that we use to stay up-to-date with what's new in Hip-Hop... We RESPECT these sites for #BENEFITING Hip-Hop culture by CELEBRATING modern-day #Mela9 ("black{",) culture/art instead of just exploiting it... We salute you, #DMPriorityMediaNetwork members!

LiveMixtapes [US]
Ultimate Rap League [US] 


AllAfrica [Africa]
Caribbean360 [Caribbean]
The Voice [UK]


[Danger Money] #LITmediaNetwork
These are the TRUTH-focused sites that we use to keep up with what's happening in the world... We RESPECT these sites for #BENEFITING it by sharing FACTS so as to improve it, unlike 'mainstream' media which just worsens it... We salute you, #DMLitMediaNetwork members!

AAA [Ghana]
Gaia [US]
John Pilger [UK]
Zeitgeist Movement [US]
Zeitgeist Movie [US]


[Danger Money] Night Sky Network
Below are 'Black' companies whose product/service=SO good that we SUPPORT them (i.e. "Do OUR part to help empower the Black Community [which STILL needs ALL the support it can GET!]) so yeah, JOIN us + check out/SPREAD THE WORD about them because if WE don't, NObody else WILL! #WeSaluteYou

... [Ghana]

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