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110/21/2015 by DMR

So WHERE's The PARTY (& Potential Future P.C.T Show) At?!!

Do you know any LIT places to go for a GOOD night out (a.k.a places with GOOD music/ DJs/ people/ vibes/ drink prices/ he-to-she ratio etc;) where P could perform in the future? If so, LET US KNOW!!! (Thx)


Check THIS S*** Out Fam!!!

If you've heard a song, seen a music video/film, been to an event etc and were IMPRESSED... tell everyone why they should check it out TOO! (u KNOW u WANT to... ;)


AVOID This S*** At ALL Costs Fam!!!

If you've heard a song, seen a music video/film, been to an event etc and were NOT impressed... tell everyone why they should avoid it! (go ON, let it ALL out... ;)


Random FUNNY S***!!!

IF it LITERALLY made you LOL... post (OR talk about) it RIGHT HERE!!! And feel free to tell others to check out this forum too! (oh yeah, check out http://DangerMoneyRecords.com/DMRfam-talk-forum... ;)


WILD Stylin'!!!

IF you spot any LIT (a.k.a 'stylish'/'SWAGGISH') clothing items/combinations/accessories, PLEASE post them here! (Thx)


BURNIN' Questions!!!

'Seek & ye shall find..', 'Ask & ye shall receive..' etc. If there's ANY question eating away at you, feel free to post it right HERE.. you never know, you just MIGHT get the answer you're looking for (but NEVER thought you'd find.. ;)


Creatives 'r' US!!!

Calling all Creatives/Artists!!! Feel free to network/post ads for your services+ads looking for fellow Creatives/Artists to collaborate with! (Good luck;)


Danger Money 'Swap-Shop'

Do you have anything RANDOM that you'd like to swap? Are you looking for something RANDOM that you're willing to swap one of your possessions for? If so, THIS is the place for YOU! (Good luck;)


P.C.T Music+Video+Show Reviews/Suggested Improvements

Your feedback would be MUCH appreciated (compliments and constructive criticisms are equally welcome)... and please feel free to share your opinions with each other TOO! (Thx)


Danger Money illionaires' Club

Post all good PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT-related links/art/music/videos/recipes/techniques/questions (or WHATEVER you consider 'LIFE-RELEVANT') right HERE!!! (IF it's lit enough, something LIT will happen... ;)


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