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DMR isn't JUST about music, we're also about doing what we CAN to IMPROVE THE WORLD THAT WE LIVE IN so yeah; If you're the same please join us in doing so by checking out, signing and SHARING any of the petitions below (you can even start your own petitions TOO [because we're fortunate to live in a time where we can actually make our voices heard, so it's our DUTY to do our part to help #FixTheWorld!!!];)

EVERY1 complains about the 'system'*[society/government/the media] but that changes NOTHING so we, THE PEOPLE must MAKE the changes that we need... & the ONLY way we can do so is PETITION (petitions ONLY need 100,000 signatures to be debated @Parliament [and eventually obeyed by government if we contact local MPs and also SPREAD THE WORD/campaign, e.g. by arranging offline events/getting media coverage etc.])!

UK Government and Parliament Petitions
UK Legislative Process Overview
Set Up A New School
United Nations Association (UK)

Theresa May MP, Prime Minister's Office,
10 Downing Street, Westminister, London SW1A 2AA, United Kingdom
(020) 7270-3000

Houses of Parliament, 1 Parliament Square,
Westminster, London SW1A 0AA, United Kingdom
(020) 7219-4272

To our cousins across the pond in the land of opportunity where, like in the UK, MANY complain about *the 'system' in ways that change nothing... THE PEOPLE need to MAKE the changes that THE PEOPLE need via the ONLY way that works; PETITION (ONLY 100,000 signatures are needed for acknowledgement by the White House [and eventual acceptance if you contact your Senators and also SPREAD THE WORD/campaign, e.g. by arranging offline events/getting media coverage etc.])!

US Government and Senate Petitions
US Legislative Process Overview
Start A New School (New York)
Start An After-School Program
United Nations Association (USA)
Youth Jobs

The President, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NorthWest,
Washington DC 20500, United States of America
(202) 456-1414

United States Senate, 1 Senate Square, First Street NorthEast,
Washington DC 20002, United States of America
(202) 224-3121

United States House of Representatives, Washington DC 20515, United States of America
(202) 224-3121

To our friends and family across the world, OUR VOICE MATTERS and time is precious so let's not waste it because with each passing hour/day, new laws/legislations that make it ever-harder for us to have a say come into effect globally! Hence, we must PETITION and SPREAD THE WORD/campaign, e.g. by arranging offline events/getting media coverage etc... #LetsUseOurVoiceWhileWeSTILLcan #NOW!!!
"We SHOULDN'T be ignored, because WE ARE THE PEOPLE!!!"

CHANGE [petitions]
United Nations
United Nations Children's Fund
United Nations Children, Scientific and Cultural Organization
United Nations Human Rights Council
UN Food and Agriculture Organization
World Health Organization
World Bank
International Telecommunication Union
Universal Postal Union
European Union
European Parliament
European Parliament Petitions
European Court of Human Rights
Organization of American States
Organization of American States Petitions
Inter-American Court of Human Rights
Caribbean Community
Association of South-East Asian Nations
Asian Parliamentary Assembly
Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
Union of South American Nations
Euro-Latin Parliamentary Assembly
League Of Arab States
African Union


World Holidays/Observances
Feel like connecting with fellow free-spirited/open-minded souls all over the world by spreading the word about/celebrating those special [i.e. unifying] days recognised as 'times of worldwide reflection/appreciation', where we all come together for the benefit of ALL of us? If so, check out the links below;)

United Nations - International Days/Weeks/Observances
UNESCO - International Days
UNESCO Center for Peace - International Days/Celebrations
World Holidays [TimeAndDate.com]

Peace/Love (+see yous in our FORUM;) 

(P.S. As we say at ABOUT; "DMR is ALL about connecting with as many people as possible...{",)



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