Got Skillz?... 
If you're a Dancer/Model, Photographer/Videographer, Make-Up Artist/ Hairdresser or reliable Video Production/Road Crew interested in paid work on fun-yet-professional projects... please Click HERE!!! Thanks & good luck, DMR.

Submit Beats To Join Our #DMTrakStarz Group!
Calling all TALENTED producers/DJs!!! Submit tracks for P.C.T to rap over and get added to our #DMTrakStarz producer groups on SoundCloud and Twitter if he likes them! Furthermore, if "P" ends up performing over/releasing YOUR track, you'll be credited/paid by AND receive a 1-song deal with DMR!!!

ALL tracks MUST be fully Sample-Cleared and Mastered for consideration. (Thx)

(SPREAD THE WORD - Thx [more coming SOON @WooBox btw];)


A guest spot in a P.C.T MUSIC VIDEO!!!

A. Record a (webcam/mobile phone etc.) video of yourself
rapping or 
dancing or whatever to any P.C.T track, and...
Send Your (Private, i.e. YouTube, Vimeo etc.) Video/Contact Info To Us!


B. Record AND Submit your video using the box below (QUICK-time)!!! 

We'll give those who send in the best entries all videoshoot information
in good time/WELL in advance (and BLOG them too)! BTW the deadline is:

Sunday 31st December 2017

So yeah, GOOD LUCK!!!

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